Monday, 20 January 2014

How to become a girl in 30 seconds

What if you could turn into a chick at will? Let's say you go to Walmart and pick up a magic pair of sun glasses that will allow you to view yourself as your fantasy chick.

You put them on and close your eyes.When you open them, you can see blonde hairs obstructing your vision, you raise your hands and see perfectly manicured hands. A passerby takes a tentative look at you,nods and and call you "Ma'am". You look down, you see a pair of magnificent (insert appropriate cup size here) breasts, encased in medieval clothing. Not only that but there dragons in the skies and knights in shining armor strolling around.


Think again:-p

With the Oculus rift, virtual reality is no longer a fantasy nor the realm of fly-by-night TG captions sites. :)

An introduction to what the Occulus rift is:

There's a lot of crazy setups that goes with it as well:

Now what's not to like about occulus rift?

Now imagine for example, 10 years from now, playing simply going on a virtual shopping trip as a female or simply playing Elder scrolls as your female avatar.

Imagine being in this world 

But better and more photorealistic

Now what's not to like about the Rift? 
 It's arguably a hardcore gamer's accessory and it does cost a fair penny (400$ by last count for the headset alone, there are extra peripherals like Virtuix Omni that could raise the price closer to a 1000$). This and the lack of software at the start could seriously hamper the OR's entry into the mainstream.

But there are of course applications outside of video games that might drag the Occulus Rift into the mainstream.  Imagine being in a Star Wars movie for example, looking at Jedis getting into firefights with stormtroopers.
For myself, TG is simply a fairly strange and unique fetish, so you could argue that just buying an Occulus (and a gaming computer) to indulge is overkill.But as a hardcore gamer, I could not be happier.


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